Steering the Preconstruction to a Benefiting Arrangement with a Better Workflow

Steering the Preconstruction to a Benefiting Arrangement with a Better Workflow

Bid and tender management are labor-intensive and time-consuming processes. They involve manual process, shorter timeframes, and piles of documentation, leading to chaos. As a contractor, you must know how to strike a balance between selecting and finding the right projects. Bidding is a highly complex process, involving many objectives considering various internal and external factors. It’s a common problem for construction firms of all sizes across the world. It is a complex proposition to determine the projects which are worth bidding on and then drafting a convincing, descriptive, impactful winning proposal and improve your bid-to-win ratio.

Key to successful bidding is improving the workflows by spending less time on documentation and more on communicating effectively. The success rate gets drastically improved with the right knowledge and tools. Reports suggest that contractors win only one project out of thirty-five bids. Even though you have right skillsets, team, and competency to complete the project still many times, your bidding proposals fall short of the mark.

Challenges in the Bidding Process

As a contractor, you must be facing difficulty finding bid projects to work with and gets trouble creating a winning response. Many a time you must have applied for a wrong job or a low paying job. Sometimes you may be struggling to bid for a new project until you finish the previous one. Sometimes you do not have enough confidence to bid for a project and draft a proposal that can get attention and create a winning position for you.

Ways to Improve the Chances

  • Embrace Technology

Are you filling the bid proposal by hand? Or do you use a word document to make a proposal? Automating these will save a lot of time. Right technological tools streamline the construction process while reinventing the efficacy to craft the winning bids.

  • Automated Workflow

The manual process brings tons of chances for human error. As a contractor, you consistently feel overwhelmed by memorizing details, correcting mistakes, or looking for lost documents.

According to Delphi, in the construction sector an employee waste 60 percent of the time on data entry or managing records, documents and emails. If you can phase out these workflow bottlenecks with automation it improves the employee efficiency and productivity.

Customizable automated workflows allow you to take a more controlled approach to your day to day functioning. Automated workflows reduce project administration, so you can anchor on the important parts of running a construction business. Automated workflow allows the workers to create processes on the go; they do not have to depend on a programmer to custom the workflow for every project.

Automated workflows are an optimized way to handle work efficiently, reduce human error, and become a structured organization. Workflow automation can, thereby, revolutionize the day to day processes in the construction industry.

  • Bid on the Right Projects

You need not to have to apply for every project which is up for the bid. Be selective in your choices and carefully understand the details of the project, reviewing all the financial commitments and other resources involved. Understand your numbers and make strong projections to make a winning bid.

  • Create Template

Are you looking to save time and improve consistency across all the projects? Creating a master template will make your work easier, more efficient and standardize the project management process. Master templates can incorporate all the fields that go into every proposal and can be used as a starting point for each proposal or project.

Improving the Bidding Process with Construction Software

Combined with a complete understanding of the bidding process and software solutions, you can significantly enhance your bids and boost the odds of winning the correct projects. When you can connect genuine numbers and visualize how the project will be for your team, you can put precise offers with certainty. The quality of your proposal truly matters and when you can give genuine numbers, real estimate, and full subtleties, you vastly improve the possibilities of winning the bid.

Wrap Up

Automation of bidding and workflow process benefits you, your team, subcontractors, partners, and other stakeholders. The Estimator Group provides a platform to help teams improve visibility and streamline workflows through real-time updates and integration with software.